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Half Day Manatee Tours  $35*

Mask and snorkel  10.00 wet suit 10.00




Make your manatee trip

a experience to remember

Private Island Home Rental

Private Island Home Rental

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manatee picture Manatee picture

For half a day on the boat and in the water with one of natures gentile giants you can spend as little as $35!


Here in Crystal River we try not to herd people onto boats so that every person has the chance to find and swim with a manatee. We find that small groups (6 or less) make for better manatee tours. As you enter the water and spend time with the manatees you will find that they seem to form a bond with you that will leave you wanting more. Many times have people left the water wondering if they went to see the manatees, or if the manatees came to see them!

The half day manatee tour is great for those seeking to see the manatee but who don't have a lot of time to do so. The tour usually takes place in the morning.



Mask and snorkel rental is an additional $10.00 charge. Wet suit rental is an additional $10 fee.

* Excludes Holidays
A Swimming Manatee Animation


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