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Manatees are frightened by large groups of people being placed into the water so we encourage small group manatee tours as this will provide you and the manatees with a better experience. For much the same, reason many captains will take no more then ten passengers out with them at a time. Because of this it may take some time to find a boat for a larger group when seeking a manatee tour. We have been working with some of the best captains and tour boat operators in the area to get an experience that is right for you. To make this work effectively and to help you on your way in the future please let us know how your manatee tour went! Your feedback helps us choose our captains.

There are many types of manatee tours available including morning tours, private tours and large group tours (up to 16 people). For the better enjoyment of everyone involved we do not make arrangements with captains that take on large groups of people (17 or more). This would not be fair to you or the manatees. Small groups of people encourage encounters that are more favorable.  Even though the manatee is a loving creature that loves to interact with humans, they get scared when too many people start to interact with them.

Whether You have chosen to take a small group manatee tour or to include all of you family and friends, our hand selected group of captains will strive to make you tour the experience of a lifetime! So do yourself a favor and come to Crystal River, Florida, the only place you can swim with a manatee!

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