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Swimming with a Manatee 

The West Indian Manatee, or Trichechus manatus, is a large, herbivorous, aquatic mammal. The manatee's large body tapers to a wide flat tail and a pair of paddle like forelimbs on the upper body. These flippers have three or four nails each. The bulldog like face is very wrinkled and the manatee's snouts is covered with many stiff whickers. The average manatee is about ten feet in length and weighs between 800 and 1200 pounds, however, adults have been found exceeding lengths of thirteen feet and weighing more then 3,500 pounds. A new born manatee, or calf, is four to four and a half feet long and will weigh between 60 and 70 pounds.

Manatees are one of natures most fascinating creatures. Gentile for their size they love to have contact with humans. While  swimming with these gentile giants is prohibited almost everywhere, Crystal River, Florida is a place where humans and manatees can have a relationship that few attractions in the world can offer. In Crystal River you will have the chance to get in the water and spend time with these animals on a personal level. So come enjoy your own manatee tour.

Manatees love cameras, so if you are going to be around them make sure that you have one on hand as they love to roll and play for the picture. many people who have taken a manatee tour will agree that the pictures you will get of the manatee are worth it.

Two manatees

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